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What is an MP3?


An mp3(mpeg) is basically, a highly compressed sound file. There are different levels of compression, but 128Kbps is mainstream. Average songs range from about 3-5 Mb, and take about 20-30 minutes to download on a regular modem. The quality is near perfect CD quality, and any imperfections that can be heard usually are due to bad encoding. So far, there have been many legal issues raised by mp3 distribution. Since nothing completely sure has been decided yet, it seems mp3 trading will continue. There are hundreds of websites that are solely based on mp3 info/trading, and therefore it is widespread enough that a sole user (such as yourself) shouldn't have much to worry about.

How do I get started?

FTP Info?

First, decide on a song to get. Use the search engine at by typing in a fraction of the song/artist's name, and then click on "16 in 1". You will get a list of the songs retrieved, according to FTP Server. Don't be scared, an FTP Server is simply just like a web-site, except there are no graphics, only files (hence the name File Transfer Protocol). Get an FTP browser (the one I like is cuteFTP in which you can download it from my site ), stick in the appropriate info, given to you from the search results, and test it out. Some FTP Servers let you download files for free, some require you to trade something, as in upload first and then download, and some require you to go to a web-page to get a password. Always read the opening info, as it is almost always important. FTP sites usually consist of an IP Address  (eg., a logon name, and a logon password. If no password or logon is required, it is assumed to be anonymous. Hence, don't stick anything in where it says User Name (in the FTP browser). The regular port for most ftp sites is 21, but if something other than 21 is indicated, type that into your FTP browser, wherever it indicates the port number. Some FTP sites have a maximum number of users, and you might therefore have to try again and again to get into it. "Hammering" an FTP site is a phrase used to express when a user attempts to get into an FTP site, but leaves the "Redial Delay" at a very low number. Therefore within 10 seconds he might try to get in 9 times. A good idea is to leave the retry delay at 30 seconds, or something close to it. Otherwise the FTP Operator might ban you.

E-mail me if you have any other questions.