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Need help for your research, try these search engine for your topic.   

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           These are my favorite MP3 search engine

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          Best MP3 player and skin

                WinAmp (download the latest version 2.10)

                Skin (note: you can download few skins from my Download section)


              Song Lyrics

          Lyrics HQ


         For CD-R info and software

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             CD-R info and FAQ (for beginner)

             CD-R info (very good site)

             CD-R info2

             CD-R info3 (recommended)

        Communication software

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            ICQ (get the latest version, ICQ99alpha for PC)

            mIRC (get the latest version, mIRC 5.51)



       BMW (check out the new 328I)



            Ski Site

            ChomFM (For the region ski info, check out the Snow Zone.)
                   *You can also view the movie listings.

            Mont Tremblant


            Mont Saint Sauveur


         Friends's Homepage

            Stardust's Homepage

            Booovean's Homepage