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        Download my MP3 list in ".m3u" format

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          Mp3 list

        By genres

         Techno list

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         Others stuff list

               You must have WinAmp or MacAmp to view my list.
           Download -WinAmp 2.21 Win95/98/NT 584kb
                        -MacAmp 1.0b7 720kb



        Direct Download here


       Winamp skin

        Simpson 118kb   homer1.gif (6263 bytes)

        SONY Special Edition 100kb

             Unzip the file into a folder and put the folder into the Winamp/skins directory
          You must have winzip or any other unzip software to unzip.
             -Download Winzip 7.0 Win95/98/NT 922kb



       mIRC 5.51 Win95/98/NT 962kb

        WinRAR 2.50 Win95/98/NT 619kb

        CuteFTP 2.8 Win95/98/NT4 1.27mb

        RealPlayer G2 Win95/98/NT4 4.8mb

        L View Pro 2.1 Win95/98/NT4 1.5mb

        ICQ99a beta 2.20 Win95/98/NT4 4mb


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